E39 M5 Tuning

e39 m5 tuning, dyno testNowadays, car tuning has become not only a hobby but also an important industry. More and more car owners want to improve their car’s performance, handling and presentation.

Most vehicles are manufactured with an average driver in mind and tuning has also become a way to design the car to the owner’s preference. Some owners modify their cars with auto racing in mind. Although these performance cars can not compete, they are built for the simple pleasure of owning and driving such a car.

The BMW E39 M5 is one model that has lots of tuning options. Although the stock car is considered as one of the ultimate design in the super sedan category, some owners prefer to do some tuning to give it their personal touch. These modifications include engine, “chip” or ECU tuning to provide better fuel economy or produce more power at high RPM. In the hope of achieving better handling, the ride comfort is sometimes sacrificed. Another major function of tuning includes performance modification to the car’s exterior.

This means changing the aerodynamic characteristics of the vehicle like the side skirts, front and rear bumpers, adding spoilers, splitters, air vents and light weight wheels.

Among the leading names in E39 M5 engine tuning is Steve Dinan. Over the years, he has come up with Supercharger kits that aims to give the car high revving performance. Thorney Motorsport is another name to reckon with. Their latest package gives your car noticeable power gains from a single remap and results in an increase of torque in the midrange while keeping the drive smooth throughout the rev range.

The Evosport Supersprint full stage 2-system is also getting good reviews from car owners who installed them in their bone-stock E39 M5. An added bonus is enhancement of the car’s sound.

However, one popular BMW E39 M5 tuning goal is purely geared towards producing deep and throaty engine sound. Eisenmann Exhaust, Super Sprint, Hamann, Millitek Sports and CNS Racing are among the most innovative. These companies come up with products that are specifically and carefully designed to enhance the engine sound according to the needs of the owners. Brake tuning is another common mod being done on the BMW E39 M5. Evolve, among many others, can improve the braking performance of your car.

So if you want to transform your E39 M5 into something quite special, this is the way to go. You could drive your car better and drive harder too, with much more confidence.

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