E39 M5 Interior

e39 m5 interiorThe Bayerische Motorwerke has a design tradition of understated looks matched with brutal power. This is evident in all of the cars they manufacture but is especially true in the interior design and power combination of the E39 M5.

This vehicle has many luxury features such as Alcantara headliner, full stitched leather interior, optional brushed chrome trim, heated power seats and PDC parking distance control, just to mention a few.

One of the first things that you will notice when you ride the car is the dual tone interior that was introduced in its later models. The old style 4:3 navigation was also replaced by the 16:9 wide screen set up. This modification pretty much perfected the already amazing interior that this car has to offer.

The interior’s other popular features include the cargo nets, trays, liners, console, dash parts, cup holder, door panels, floor mats, carpets, glove box, mirrors, pedal and pads, seat belt shoulder pads, seat covers, seats, shift knobs and boots, steering wheels and horns, sun visors, switches controls, trim, window crank and windows. This is a litany of the car’s interior features that spells two words: comfort and style.

The interior comfort of the E39 M5 is rich but sporty. The balance between technology and beauty has been achieved by its engineers. There is no clutter of new technology packed in the car. Its conservative, sporty but luxurious interiors have been written about by many car journalists. The choice of leather and trim in its luxury package is said to be perfect.

Interior equipment like passive safety, dashboard and shifter for selecting gears are also designed to provide the driver optimum ease in handling the car. And for safety, the airbags were also modified in its later models to provide protection to all the car’s passengers.

There were very few options for the car throughout its entire production run – all were very well appointed.

Simply said, the ergonomics of the E39 M5 interior have proven to be a work of art and function – typical of BMW. It is an automotive design that takes into consideration the visual aesthetics of the vehicle. At the same time, the design is also involved in the creation of the BMW product concept.

The proportions, shape, placement, and surfaces for the instrument panel, seats, door trim panels, headliner, pillar trims of this car puts an emphasis on both ergonomics and the comfort of its passengers. Its assortment of color and trim is also carefully combined to give its passengers a unique interior environment.

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